Typically, our work is highly technical and requires the compilation, analysis, and reporting of groundwater, surface-water, geologic, climatic, water-use, and other environmental data. These data are the foundation for the understanding of past, current, and projected future conditions in groundwater basins.

Years ago, WEI recognized that the quality and efficiency of our work could be improved by managing our datasets in relational databases, and building tools to view, analyze, and export the data in useful formats. This is especially true in groundwater basins where we perform multiple projects.  Hence, WEI developed, and continues to improve, a web-enabled data-management system called HydroDaVESM (Hydrologic Database and Visual Explanations), which is a practical, visionary solution for the collaborative management and utilization of watershed-scale environmental data sets. The database is accessed through cloud-connected Windows applications that allows for secure, remote database access for data checking, upload, management, visualization, analysis, export, and reporting. The tool enhances our consulting services, particularly in large watersheds. 

We use HydroDaVE to serve our clients in the following ways:

  • Aggregate and manage all data necessary to perform our services, or as requested by the client.
  • Export data into custom reports. For example, our custom CASGEM report exports groundwater-level data in the exact format required by the DWR.
  • Visualize and analyze the data on-the-fly using analytical tools, such as Piper Diagrams, multi-variate time-series charts, data maps, and water-quality exceedance reports.
  • Export the data to other software applications for data analysis and modeling applications.
  • Rapidly fulfill data requests.
  • Visually communicate and explain the data to the client.

To learn more about HydroDaVESM please visit the website at www.hydrodave.com