WEI is unmatched in its ability to design and implement holistic, sustainable solutions that fuse the needs of clients, the environment, and surrounding communities. The forward-thinking scientists and environmental engineers at WEI identify problems precisely, and solve them through a methodical process that weighs political, legal, and technical considerations while building consensus for ideas and solutions.
WEI Expertise and Professional Services
  • Development and implementation of groundwater management plans.
  • Application of numerical models to simulate groundwater flow and quality, surface water discharge and quality, and aquifer mechanics.
  • Development and implementation of salt and nutrient management plans. This includes the development of so‐called “Maximum Benefit” demonstrations to the Regional and State Boards to enable the reuse and recharge of recycled water.
  • Development and implementation of managed aquifer recharge and recharge master plans.
  • Development and implementation of monitoring plans for surface water, groundwater, and land subsidence.
  • Development and implementation of data‐management systems with a priority on HydroDaVE—our online data‐management and data‐analysis software.
  • Acquisition and application of remote‐sensing data to support hydrologic investigations and water resources management.
  • Regulatory compliance—especially related to water rights, waste discharges to groundwater and surface water, and the reuse of recycled and storm waters.
  • Watermaster services.
  • Expert witness services.
  • Climate change adaptation.
  • General consulting in the areas of water resources, hydrology, and hydrogeology.